Why does a gemstone cutting saw blade wear sideways

2019-09-04 893

In the use of diamond saw blade manufacturer's products, wear is certain. This is why after a period of time, the saw blade usually appears wide and narrow. We can call it "side wear". What is the specific cause?

The main causes of wear on the side of diamond saw blade are poor quality, low strength, low concentration of diamond in the side layer, too little fine diamond content, uneven matrix, mismatch of metal matrix and poor wear resistance. The knife head is obviously high in center, low on both sides, or too high on both sides and too concave in center. This situation is that the diamond distribution in each layer is not uniform, and the diamond concentration inside and outside is very different. This problem can be solved by adjusting the ratio of diamonds in each layer.

The diamond saw blade manufacturer said that the diamond strength is too poor when the tool head is cut with sparks, especially the strength of coarse diamond particles. Metal powder is partly oxidized, sintering temperature is low, and some metal powder is not alloyed, which results in wear on the side of diamond tool head.