Method of distinguishing the quality of diamond saw blade

2019-09-04 973

The quality of diamond saw blade is only known by trial, and the best cutting function can be achieved by choosing suitable saw blade. As a kind of superhard material, diamond saw blade is mainly used to cut hard and brittle materials such as concrete, refractory, stone, ceramics and so on.

First, inquire about the exposed diamond sand on the knife head, and inquire about its concentration and dispersion. Good diamond saw blade, the content of diamond sand will not be too small, but it should not be too much, and loose and uniform.

Second, inquire whether the weld is in good condition and regular. If the weld seam is discontinuous and the edge of the tool head is not aligned with the matrix flume, it will affect chip removal and heat dissipation. And it may cause the knife head to fall.

Thirdly, the saw blade is held in hand to check whether the diamond head is aligned with the matrix on the horizontal plane. If the blade is uneven and the teeth are staggered, it is very likely that the edge of the plate will collapse or even the blade head will fall in the process of application.

Fourthly, the thickness of the tool head and the base are compared. Taking a 350 mm granite saw blade as an example, in general, the tool head is about 1 mm thicker than the base. The 350mm marble saw blade head is about 0.2mm-0.5mm thicker than the base. The reason for this planning is to avoid damaging the matrix and the service life of the forward saw blade.

Fifth, and most importantly, the sharpness and wear resistance of saw blades will have an opposite relationship. Our suggestion is that when the life of the saw blade reaches the expected policy and the sharpness is moderate, no longer ask for an increase in the life of the saw blade. Because of the external environment, such as cutting machine, worker's operation, stone hardness and other conditions will change at any time, and once the external environment changes, the original wear-resistant saw blade will not necessarily be able to use.