What's the way to correct the cutting of gemstone saw blades?

2019-09-04 834

After using diamond cutting piece for a period of time, it needs to be repaired. The following is a brief introduction of several methods of repairing diamond cutting piece.

Generally speaking, a diamond pen dressing grinding wheel can be divided into layers, chains, rows and powders according to the size of diamond particles and their distribution in the pen. If the alloy with strong bonding force is used as the bonding agent, the particles of the diamond cutting piece in use will not easily fall off, so that the particles can be preserved until they are used up, and this need not be repaired in the middle.

The two-roll dressing grinding wheel uses the rolling method to dress the diamond cutting piece, then the speed of the grinding wheel will be 1~2 m/s after deceleration, which will drive the roller (made of metal, cemented carbide or abrasive) to rotate. In addition, because the roller of diamond cutting piece will have about 3 to 5 MPa pressure on the grinding wheel, but because the abrasive crushing on the surface of the diamond cutting piece may cause the abrasive particles to fall off. But the cutting performance of the grinding wheel dressed by rolling method is better and the cost is lower, but the surface roughness of the grinded workpiece is very rough, and the roller is easy to wear and tear, the life is relatively short, and the precision is easy to lose. Therefore, if this dressing method is used, it is usually a kind of forming grinding with small batch size and low precision requirement.