How to Avoid the Bit Problem of Diamond Cutter

2019-09-04 1014

There are many skills and matters needing attention in the application of diamond cutting bits. Different masters have different life expectancies when using the same composite bits. The secret here is that different methods are used. Then how can problems be avoided in the application process and limited extension of diamond cutting together? What is the operating time of the slice drill? The following article will introduce in detail.

1. In normal operation, it is forbidden to suddenly reverse and change the direction of operation in order to avoid the drop of the composite bit.

2. In normal operation, air leakage can not occur in the main air passage of air compressor. It is necessary to ensure sufficient air volume and pressure to extend the operation time of diamond cutting bit.

3. When the new composite bits are used for the first time, they should run in at low speed for half an hour, and then gradually operate normally.

4. When operating in harsh geological environment, it is necessary to reduce the axial pressure and rotational speed to avoid bit fracture.

5. In normal drilling operations, if the drill bit has to be replaced halfway, it is necessary to strictly check whether there is any debris in the hole, and to ensure that the hole is clean before the new composite bits can be used.

6. In order to make the bit work normally and steadily, the rod stabilizer should be replaced regularly.