What are the classifications of gemstone saw blades?

2019-09-04 881

Classification by shape

1. Circular saw blade-circular saw blade is a kind of commonly used sawing thing. Its diameter span is large, ranging from millimeter carving blade to millimeter diameter large saw blade. There may be many cutting principles, and the texture, hardness and size of the guidelines vary greatly. Therefore, its processing and manufacturing methods, diamond abrasive quality, particle size, binder formulation and requirements are different.

2. The first cutting principle of row saw blade-row saw is stone material, including all kinds of natural marble, easy-cut granite and artificial marble.

3. Band saw, which is mainly used for blocking graphite electrodes, is also used for cutting special-shaped stones. The diamond teeth of band saw can't be made too big, because the band saw has to move flexibly around the flywheel. The saw teeth are too big and will break from the weld when bending.

4. Wire saws - the removal of buildings, the cutting of large stones or cement blocks, the cutting of special-shaped stones, and even the cutting of large steel cables.

5. Wire saw, a simple hand saw, is coated with diamond powder on a steel wire (usually quenched steel wire). It is used for the processing of jade and stone handicraft.

6. Chain saw

Classification by manufacturing method

1. Electroplated saw blades - this is the only way to make diamond inner circular cutting saw blades, but also for thin circular saw blades, wire saw beads, wire saw and so on.

The characteristics of electroplating saw blade are that the diamond is manipulated by binder very robustly, the diamond edge is good, and the height of the edge can be adjusted. Therefore, cutting is sharp, durability is good, manufacturing cost is low, applicability is strong.

2. The rolling saw blade-diamond is located in the gap of the outer circle of the saw blade. The base material is a soft carbon steel with a diameter of 100-120 mm and a thickness of about 0.20-0.40 mm. It is generally used for cutting the composition of bell stones.

3. Inlaid saw blade - This kind of saw blade is mostly made by cold pressing and sintering process with bronze as binder. Diamond teeth are long strips or I-shaped, which can be directly restrained, or first pressed into teeth and then mounted into the alveolus around the outer circumference of the matrix. This kind of saw blade is mainly used for cutting glass, crystal and so on, and also for cutting marble and terrazzo edges.

4. Welding saw blade, the most widely used method of manufacturing saw blade, is also the type of saw blade used in most stone processing. For example, circular saws and row saws for stone processing are first made into sawtooth segments, and then welded to the steel matrix by welding method.

5. Kneading saw blade - this kind of saw blade is also a circumferential cutting saw blade, a bit similar to rolling saw blade. Diamond is also located in the cracks around the outer circle of the matrix, but the diamond is thicker, and the teeth are much longer. The diameter of saw blade can reach 500mm or even larger. This kind of saw blade is mostly used for cutting jades, gems, shells and other crafts. There are broad markets in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.