Common problems of gemstone saw blades

2019-09-04 825

I. Non-uniform thickness of cut sheets

1. The fundamental tension is not appropriate; the tension of the saw blade needs to be corrected from scratch.

2. The screw of the screw bearing seat of the fixed trolley is loosened; the rotating screw is adjusted.

3. The diameter level of guide rail is poor; the suspected degree of disease for maintenance by drawing wire should be adjusted between 0.5 mm and the level should be less than 1 mm.

4. Lead screw nut has large clearance, and the clearance is not swept out during operation. When operating, pay attention to sweeping the clearance in one direction.

5. The phenomenon that the screw nut is not tightly clamped and swaying; the screw nut is tightened.

6. The guide wheel is inconsistent; the nut is loosened and adjusted from scratch.

7. The end of the saw blade is too large; the saw blade is leveled and tested to be qualified.

8. The welding of the tool head and the base is not symmetrical; welding from scratch or replacing a new saw blade.

9. The cut material should be less than 0.5 cubic meters; the cut material should be more than 0.5 cubic meters.

10. Driving chain is too loose; adjusting chain is too tight.