Selection Skills of Gemstone Cutting Saw Blades

2019-09-04 921

When choosing the cutting blade, the diamond cutting blade should be selected correctly according to the variety, thickness, cutting speed, cutting direction, feeding speed and width of the saw path. Xia Min, Xiaobian will introduce you how to select diamond cutting pieces:

1. Selection of cemented carbide varieties The commonly used cemented carbide varieties are tungsten cobalt (code YG), tungsten titanium (code YT). Because tungsten-cobalt cemented carbides have good impact resistance, they are widely used in wood processing industry. The commonly used model in wood processing is YG8-YG15. The figure behind YG indicates the percentage of cobalt content. With the increase of cobalt content, the impact toughness and bending strength of the alloy have been improved, but the hardness and wear resistance have been reduced. It should be selected according to the actual situation.

II. Selection of Matrix

65Mn spring steel has good elasticity and plasticity, economic data, good heat treatment hardening, low heating temperature and easy deformation, which can be used for saw blades with low cutting requirements.

_Carbon tool steels have high thermal conductivity and high carbon content, but their hardness and wear resistance decrease sharply when they are subjected to 200-250 C. The heat treatment deformation is large, the hardenability is poor, and the tempering time is long and easy to crack. Making economic data for cutting tools such as T8A, T10A, T12A, etc.

_Compared with carbon tool steels, alloy tool steels have better heat resistance, wear resistance and treatment function. The heat-resistant deformation temperature is between 300 and 400 degrees centigrade, which is suitable for making high-grade alloy circular saw blades.

_High-speed tool steel has excellent hardenability, high hardness and rigidity, less heat-resistant deformation, belongs to ultra-high strength steel, thermoplastic stability is suitable for making advanced ultra-thin saw blades.