How to Maintain Gemstone Cutting Saw Blades

2019-09-04 853

1. If there is glaze or paint on the blade of a saw, remove it with a grinding wheel or sandpaper.

2. Do not use the saw blade for grinding or bending. The normal function of the saw blade is for straight cutting.

3. The gemstone cutting saw blade is used for cutting granite, marble, concrete, cementing materials, ceramics, bricks and other inorganic and non-metallic hard and brittle materials. It can also be used for cutting soft materials such as asphalt, cinder block, soft cement and sand paddle joints. Do not cut metal, or it will blunt the saw blade and shorten its life.

4. If the saw blade is used for a period of time, the surface is smooth, the diamond blade is small, and the saw blade is not sharp. Correct way: Use grinding wheel or refractory brick to cut the blade from scratch, so as to eliminate the inclusion part of metal matrix, make diamond cut out normally and improve the sharpness of saw blade. It is not possible to use sanded blades or overheated blades in succession.